An ordinary guy, with an extraordinary goal. Run around the world.

Who is Tim Franklin

Born and bred in Brisbane, Australia, Tim grew up living a healthy, active lifestyle like most Aussie kids. But in his adolescence, the road to good health became an uphill battle, and before long, faced with a multitude of health issues, suddenly good health seemed out of reach. At his darkest hour, weighing in at 120kg Tim realised his lifestyle fuelled by poor diet, alcohol, corporate life and partying was likely to send him to an early grave.

The route

Tim Runs the World

Professional Speaking

A seasoned presenter, ironman, triathalon coach and currently running around world, Tim is all about owning your life, celebrating successes and learning from failures.

Own Your Own Show provides the background to Tim’s story and how he has overcome significant weight and health issues to inspire people to want more and chase extraordinary goals.

Tim works with companies, business forums and schools as well as working closely with Elite, Age Group and professional athletes.

Interested in having Tim speak at your next event? We can help make it happen and deliver not just entertainment and engagement, but a real outcome as Tim leads you through the steps to undertake massive achievement.

The Gram

Latest Updates

This is a big goal and one I cannot do alone. Your support matters not only to me, but to the individuals whose lives will change through this inspiring journey. If your organisation believes that this inspiring journey is a change they would love to be a part of, then get in touch today and let’s explore how we can partner to get the globe moving.